Daniel OlssonSenior IT Architect, Truesec

    Senior IT Architect, Proud Member of the Truesec Cyber Security Incident Response Team, certified CISSP, educated and experienced in TOGAF. This is the list of things that I have on my business card. It does not really say so much about what make me love my work. Let me try to give a sneak peak of what drives me.
    To be able to support business outcome and drive digitalization of my customers processes, in a secure way. That means that I do have a great interest in understanding the business itself. I often get appointed to do risk assessments and there is in my line of work always talk about risk appetite, exposure, preventive measures and disaster recovery planning. I constantly try to find something more. There must be a Reward for the business, not only Risks. To find and identify these capabilities and to be the advocate and architect for a sound level of security, that is my drive!
    To have the experience from working as an Incident manager and gaining insights into the most devastating Cyber attacks that an organization can be targeted with, helping these companies and re-establish their business capabilities in a more secure and effective way, gives me and my team a unique platform.
    With this knowledge in one hand, and the experience I have gained from my years as an IT Architect, my curiosity to find the best business outcome from Digitalization and IT Capabilities, this is what drives me. And remember: Always find the balance between risk and reward!